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Acoustic Connectivity in a Synthetic Ecology

Acoustic Connectivity in a Synthetic Ecology investigates sound as a connective medium between networked entities as a way to explore the behaviours of a synthetic ecological system. In this evolving sound environment, bird-inspired entities communicate acoustically using motors to generate sonic messages, and microphones to interpret acoustic signals. ​While a duet of Songbirds flirt with one another, a chorus of Mockingbirds circulate gossip above, and below, a cranky Peacock erupts from jealousy. Each "species" of entity in this ecology carries out different sounding and listening behaviours; for example, the Peacock ruffles its metal plumes if it hears the Songbirds too often.

How can networked ecologies contribute to their soundscapes? Imagining a future where acoustically-networked ecologies are ubiquitous, the organic hubs that form within these larger systems will create new sonic landmarks in our soundscapes. As a UX designer, I believe it is important to premeditate the sounds we may introduce into our environments.

Acoustic Connectivity in a Synthetic Ecology
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