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A.I. Gone Wild

A.I. Gone Wild imagines how the life of a neighbourhood is modified by autonomous A.I. entities which have gone feral. Inspired by a real life story of a flamboyant real estate developer who imported non-native species of birds onto his private ranch, the project uses the suburban birdsong soundscape to explore a constantly mutating and evolving hybrid ecosystem.

A.I. Gone Wild proposes a world where exotic bird-like artificial intelligence entities have been curated and imported by a landowner to augment the soundscape of his garden. Since their introduction, these A.I.s have become popular decorations and can be seen in gardens throughout the neighbourhood. What happens when A.I. entities become feral in a neighbourhood, and what are the consequences?

There are three kinds of exotic A.I. entities: the Personal Assistant A.I. (a social "parrot"), the Muzak A.I. (a whimsical "songbird"), and the Surveillance A.I. (a saucy Peacock). These A.I. entities are from different places, and therefore they are not designed to interact with one another. When the Personal Assistant A.I. and the Muzak A.I. enter into a conversational feedback loop, the aggravated Surveillance A.I. erupts. 

A.I. Gone Wild was materialized as a sculptural, interactive installation with graphic design supporting elements.

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