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Courtyard LA

This is a proactive rebranding project I am working on for Courtyard LA- a successful women-run clothing company based in downtown Los Angeles. Courtyard has a strong social media presence with over 100k followers, and sells both vintage clothing and their own in-house designs. Using Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, and Principle, I have created wireframes, prototypes, and interactive mockups which give the Courtyard's website an updated look and feel. 

Asset 2.png
wireframeAsset 3.png
wireframeAsset 4.png
wireframeAsset 5.png

Using Sketch and Principle, I have created interactive mockups of the Courtyard site to get a better sense of user flow. My goal was to keep the layout clean and simple, and to explore different micro-interactions to create a surprise for the user. I chose to use a silky texture for the background because it gives the website a vintage feel, and because silk is one of the fabrics that Courtyard works with most.

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