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Dr. maryellen Tedeschi 

Dr. Maryellen Tedeschi is a naturopath with a vision to help thousands of women feel empowered when it comes to reclaiming their health and living radiant lives. She helps bridge the gap between women's health and their knowledge by sharing high-quality, accessible educational content on her Instagram page - information that can be easily applied in everyday life. For this project, I was tasked with developing visual guidelines for Dr. Maryellen's social media and creating visuals for each post. Maryellen’s Instagram posts feature a combination of text on plain backgrounds, hand-drawn illustrations, imagery with overlaid text, and infographics. 

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Imagery: People

Images of people are inclusive and speak to different demographics. They feel candid, optimistic, and strengths-based. Rather than showing images of a person who is experiencing discomfort, for example, we use images that demonstrate people on their road to reclaiming their health.

Imagery: Objects

Images of food, vitamins, or other objects are enticing and feel tangible - I want viewers to be able to “taste” food through the picture. To give posts a relaxed, candid feel, I avoid using images that feel highly staged and static, such as flat lays.



Hand-drawn illustration brings a personal touch to Maryellen’s branded collateral. Peppered throughout digital assets, the illustrations are reminiscent of vintage herbal apothecary labels. Illustrations can be used to represent acupuncture, periods, or digital devices.


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