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Valerie Bertinelli 

For this project, I worked with a design team to develop branding and web design for Valerie Bertinelli, a television personality and celebrity with a passion for cooking. We developed a clean, simple style guide using  white, sage, burnt sienna, and grey colours to lead viewers' eyes around the page and highlight certain content. We chose sage and burnt sienna as they resemble ingredients Valerie uses to cook with (ie. leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers). At the same time, adhering to this minimalist colour palette ensures that the images of Valerie's cooking will stand out. I was the principle developer for this website, using Wordpress and custom HTML and CSS to optimize the design for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Take a look here

The goal of the website was to showcase Bertinelli's cooking ventures with an extensive list of beautifully photographed recipes, and to maintain a blog to keep her fans in the know. There is also a section in the website, titled Val's Picks, where Bertinelli showcases some of her favourite products as part of a customer advocacy program.

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 9.39.16 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 10.05.00
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 10.08.45
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 9.40.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 10.17.14
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 9.42.28 AM.png

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