top of page is an earth systems scientist with a vision to help thousands of people connect with their specific environments by growing food. He helps people create sustainable food systems through education on earth systems and meteorology, innovative solutions using machine learning, and expert consulting services. For this project, I designed a unique brand identity for's marketing and social media collateral. Inspired by vintage National Geographic magazines and weather maps,'s brand aims to create a feeling of connectedness to one's environment and our earth at large.


The logo plays on the idea of personal branding to form “m.e” and is inspired by line work in weather maps. The logo features strong, clean lines that create a distinctive shape, and uses natural colours that reinforce the connection to the earth.


Images for's collateral are friendly and inspiring. They primarily use natural earth-tone palettes and have grain for a vintage film look. A simple, uniform border complements images and enhances the vintage feel.


Illustration is used to depict weather, food that is being grown, or other scenarios. To maintain a clean, consistent style in’s branded materials, a uniform line weight is used and just a single colour.

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